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3 months blooming warranty


The Mandevilla is a plant that continues to grow from the moment of purchase to far into autumn. We make sure that the plant receives enough required nutrients during cultivation, so the Mandevilla is in bloom the whole season.


We give you a 3 months warranty for the blooming of the Mandevilla, see the following conditions:

  1. The warranty is valid during the period of May 1st till October 1st;
  2. The plant must be planted in te potting soil that we offer;
  3. The warrants is applicable when the plant does no longer form new flower buds;
  4. The plant cannot be in an environment where the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius of higher than 40 degrees Celcius.
  5. The plant should be treated normally and not be destroyed (by humans, animals or environment).


Have you bought a plant on Mandevillashop.com and would you like to make use of the blooming warranty? Follow the steps listed below and you will receive a new plant.

  1. First check if your plant compies with the 5 conditions mentioned above.
  2. Take two pictures of your plant, 1 from the side and 1 from above.
  3. Send the pictures + your order number (found in the order confirmation at purchase) to [email protected]