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Savon Noir Jardin natural insect spray ready for use 500ml

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Savon Noir Jardin insect spray is the ideal natural, plant-friendly spray for your Mandevilla to remove unwanted insects from your Mandevilla.
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Savon Noir Jardin natural insect spray ready for use 500ml

The 500 ml spray Savon Noir Jardin has been specially developed against lice. This insect spray based on black soap is made from the patented Savon Noir by Marius Fabre. The spray is natural and without adding toxins.

The Savon Noir Jardin can be used to remove leaf and shield lice. On numerous different plants such as: roses, ornamental plants, house plants, fruit trees or vegetables. You can also remove the black fungus through this spray, which is left by lice, from the leaf.

Savon Noir is completely safe for the environment and suitable for both indoors and outdoor use. The product is suitable for biologically growing crops and ecocert® certified.



Contents of the box

  • Savon Noir Jardin 500ml
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Carry out combat

If you have found that the Mandevilla suffers from lice and would like to carry out a fight, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure that the pest cannot spread to other plants. Set the plant aside if necessary.
  2. Remove as many lice as possible by hand, or cut off a part of the plant that is badly affected.
  3. Make sure there is not too much wind or place the plant in a place out of the wind. Do the control on a dry, not extremely sunny and warm day.
  4. Apply the control in the morning so that the agent does not evaporate too quickly and can act well on the lice.
  5. Make sure that the leaves are dry before treatment and that any cut wounds are dry.
  6. Apply control to parts of the plant where the infection is, do not spray all over the plant.
  7. Avoid contact with flowers, the agent can attack the outer layer of leaves and flowers. The more often the drug is used, the weaker the cell walls become. The cell walls of flowers are extra sensitive.
  8. Shake well before use and spray, avoid contact with the eyes.
  9. Repeat these steps until the lice are removed, no more than once a week.


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