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Sustainably grown: Mandevillas

Mandevillashop aims to deliver fine products, but the best products have to come into being in the best way. That is why we nurse with respect for the world around us. Doing so, we work under certain conditions that are not always obvious. These conditions are secured by MPS certificates and the label Bee Friendly Grown.


This way you know as a customer that the product is nursed in a proper way.


General certificates

The nursery is MPS A, MPS GAP and MPS SQ certified. These certificates can be obtained by fulfilling strict requirements. These requirements are checked every year. The most important are:

  • Reduce plant protection products to minimum;
  • Minimalize use of fertilisers;
  • Minimalize use of water;
  • Minimalize use of energy;
  • Fully comply with the labour law.

You can find everything about this on www.volgjebloemofplant.nl, our MPS number is 801568.


Bee Friendly Grown

Nursing sustainably is very important to us. A significant part of this is the label ‘Bee Friendly Grown’. This means that no chemicals are used that are harmful to pollinators of agricultural crops, like bees. With a growing world population, food production is becoming increasingly important. Due to bee mortality, the pollination of agricultural crops is deteriorating, which causes the production to drop back.

To protect the crop from plagues anyway, we use biological auxiliaries, like parasitic wasps. The parasitic wasps make sure that no plagues of insects can break out in our greenhouses. Apart from that, we use gentle chemical substances that rapidly degrade and are not damaging to the environment.


Potting soil

The potting soil used for the Mandevilla is RHP certified. The certification implies that the consumer is buying a good and honest product. This is a guarantee for quality and safety.


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