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How do you unbox the Mandevilla?

In this blog we share our care tips so that you can give your Mandevilla the optimal care. In this blog, the basic information is given, whereby the Mandevilla will bloom and grow optimally. In the blog 'Advanced care' we tell you in which two unique ways you can determine the shape of the Mandevilla and how you can make it bloom and grow properly.


The basic care

Step 1: Remove the plant from the box immediately upon receipt and place it outside in the daylight. The sun works as an energy source, this energy the plant needs to grow and bloom. The minimum temperature that the Mandevilla can tolerate is 5 degrees Celsius.

Step 2: You can repot the plant at any time. Use a pot with bottom holes so that excess water can drain from the pot. It is not necessary to replant the Mandevilla, but it still gives more atmosphere to put the plant in a beautiful decorative pot or in the ground, so that it fits well with the styling of the garden or balcony.

"It may be that the plant is a bit stuck in the pot. Hold the plant upside down and squeeze the pot, this will loosen the plant. Never pull on the plant, as this can tear the roots. You can also tear the pot. cut with secateurs. "

Step 3: We recommend giving the plant fresh potting soil. It is good for the plant to get fresh soil, because fresh soil promotes flowering and growth. After repotting, the plant must be watered so that the new potting soil adheres to the old one. This will promote rooting and activate the nutrition in the fresh potting soil. In the blog 'Filling a flower box' we explain how much potting soil you need for the size of your planter.

Step 4: Give your Mandevilla a nice spot in the garden, terrace or on the balcony. Preferably place your Mandevilla in a sunny spot, this plant loves it! The Mandevilla will flower profusely when it gets enough sunlight. To find inspiration for a beautiful place in your garden or balcony of the Mandevilla, you can view our blog 'Mandevilla inspiration'.

Step 5: Water your Mandevilla, but not too much! The Mandevilla does not like too much water, but once a week is sufficient. (Except after repotting, water the plant immediately.) Note: Only water the Mandevilla when it has not rained! When the lower leaves turn a yellow color and let go, this means that the plant is getting too much water. In the blog 'Mandevilla yellow leaves' we explain what the causes of yellow leaves can be and how you can prevent them.

The removal of old flowers is not necessary, but of course it is allowed. Pruning is also not necessary, the long climbing branches ensure a graceful whole. If you still want to prune, you can do this at any time. Pay attention to the plant sap that is released from the pruning wound, the white sap is very sticky and cannot be easily removed from clothing. Cleaning pruning tools is also difficult. Preferably use old (pruning) scissors.

In the blog 'Care for advanced users' you can read more about pruning and flowering the Mandevilla.

"A number of other topics of care have been given a separate blog, because there is a lot to tell about them. Check out the topics below in our separate blogs: Mandevilla gets yellow leaves, Mandevilla hibernation and Mandevilla cuttings."