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Nursery tips for the advanced

Of course, the Mandevilla can also challenge the zealot. In this part we take it to the next level.

In this blog, nursery for the advanced, we explain two unique ways in which you can determine the shape of your Mandevilla and how you can let it grow and bloom optimally.


Nursery for the advanced

The Mandevilla gets its energy from the nutrition in the potting soil and from the sun. The plant uses water for the transportation of nutrition and for evaporation of the plant. This way, the plant ensures it can sufficiently cool down, actually it can be seen as a sort of sweating.

The energy the plant gains is used for growing and blooming. This way we can influence the shape of the plant. We now have two options, namely:

1. First as much growth in length as possible and after this, bloom

2. Mainly bloom and less growth


Option 1: First as much growth in length as possible and after this, bloom

If you choose the first option, it is best to remove the flowers from the plant. You do not do this per flower, but per flower branch. This way you ensure that the plant can spend all its energy on growing. Place the plant against a fence or create a pyramid with big bamboo sticks. The plant will make climbing branches which allow it to quickly grow into height. It is recommended to attach the plant to the bamboo in some places, the plant has difficulties attaching it itself. You can do this using an elastic or a binding thread. Be sure not to use an iron wire that is not coated, as rust can lead to mould growth which will cause the branch to die off.

You can remain removing the flowers until you think the plant has grown enough into height. Do not do this for too long, otherwise you will no longer be able to enjoy the blooming. The formation of a new bud until the opening of the flower takes 6 to 8 weeks.


Option 2: Mainly bloom and less growth

Option 2 is very suitable when you would like to place the plant on a table or a raised object, as you would like to keep the plant nice and compact. An important part of this option is to remove the top of the plant continuously. Beware: your fingers will become a bit sticky when in contact with the plant sap. You could use a glove. By removing the top of the plant every time, you allow it to make new branches. The more branches a plant has, the more flowers the plant will carry. A branch of the Mandevilla has a certain regularity. The plant makes a leaf pair twice, the third leaf pair contains a flower bud. When you remove the top of the plant, make sure you do it just above the flower bud, so that every branch ends with a flower branch. The flower branches are at the end of the branches, so the largest amount of energy is sent there. This way the flowers will open up earlier. In the end, this makes for a graceful whole.

When the flower branches are no longer dainty, you can remove them.

Fun fact.. At the nursery we have seen flower branches that count at least 25 flowers.



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