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Make your own Mandevilla cuttings

For the ones with a green thumb, we have a few tips for taking Mandevilla cuttings, as taking cuttings is a lot of fun! Some plants have no problem multiplying themselves, while other plants do not do this as easily. The Mandevilla can be a bit hard to take cuttings from, but it should be seen as a fun challenge!


1. Collecting items

Preferably use an egg carton or something else that has small boxes that allow water to drain away easily. Use an airy potting soil; pressed down potting soil will retain more fluid and the cuttings do not enjoy this. Use a plastic bag (see-through or white) or a piece of plastic (like foil) to create a little greenhouse.

The necessities:

  • egg carton
  • potting soil (airy)
  • plastic bag (see-through or white)


2. The time to take cuttings

Cuttings ought to be taken around June, when the changeable spring has passed and the summer is approaching.


3. Taking and planting the cuttings

Cut or clip cuttings from the Mandevilla. We use so-called ‘head-cuttings’, this is the end of the branch. Choose cuttings of about 6 centimeters with about one fully grown leaf pair. Remove any racemes from the cutting. On the picture below you can see a nicely taken cutting. He could be a leaf pair shorter and the upcoming racemes from the lower split could also be removed.

Use multiple cuttings, as chances are big a few will fall out. Fill the holes of the egg carton with potting soil and moisten it with a plant sprayer. Another possibility is to moisten the potting soil really well using a watering can and leaving the egg carton for 24 hours. Most of the fluid will have been drained away by then and the soil is perfectly moist for the Mandevilla cuttings.

Use one hole for one cutting and place the egg carton in a plastic bag, in which you tie a knot. This way your own greenhouse is created. Make sure to only place the stalk of the cutting into the soil and not the leaves. On the picture below you can see a closed cutting. This one has rooted in the meantime.


4. Nursery

Place your greenhouse outside in a warm spot in the shade. It is sensible to let your greenhouse get a breath of fresh air every day for an hour, which can be done by opening it a crack. This is only necessary when there is condensation on the plastic bag. This also allows you to immediately check the moisture level of the potting soil, lightly moist is enough. If the cutting needs more water, provide this carefully and moderately, too much moisture causes rotting.


‘If you have given too much water, you will see the cuttings turn brown in just a few days. After this, the cutting will die. Try it again, but use a lot less water, until you succeed.’


Once you have nursed the cuttings like this for 14 days, you can check what the cutting looks like. Remove it from the potting soil and look at the bottom of the stalk. Do you see it thickening or even a presence of a small root? Then you can leave the bag open a crack for one day. The second day you completely open it and the third day you can remove the bag. Do let the cuttings stay in the shade. You will have to provide water a bit more frequently to keep the potting soil lightly moist.


When the cuttings start to grow and the top of the plants starts to turn a light bronze colour, you can place the plants in the sun or partial shade. As soon as all the Mandevilla cuttings have roots, you can release the cuttings from the whole and replant it in a bigger pot with the right potting soil. This is the beginning of your plant and this is where the normal Mandevilla nursing begins.



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